Friday, 16 October 2015

Elegant dressing tips for elderly females from Mother of the Bride

Whether it is a wedding or any other social or family event, elderly women often find it difficult to choose a suitable outfit that will make them look smart and elegant. This is because the current popular fashion trends are generally meant for the younger females and the dresses in their wardrobe don’t rock any more. Given below are some elegant dressing tips that can be used by elderly ladies to get a stylish and appealing look that suits their age. 

Avoid wearing black
Even though black is an extremely elegant color that enhances the beauty of any woman, ladies in the advanced stages of their life should avoid wearing this color. This is because wearing this color tends to enhance the pale skin and wrinkles of elderly women making them look even older. In case the color cannot be avoided, it is advisable to add a bright colored scarf or a prominent necklace to balance the washed-out effect. 

Choose the right fitting
Wearing well fitting clothes is especially important for women of a mature age. If the grandmother of the groom or any elderly lady for that matter moves around wearing clothes that are either too loose or too tight, she is bound to look chaotic and uncomfortable. As such it is important to select the right size of clothes that fit perfectly well according to the body shape of the women. 

Hide the big parts in a proper manner
One of the most common problems faced by elderly women is to hide their bloated hips, tummies and even arms and thighs. Rather than using loose shapeless clothes for hiding these body parts, it is advisable for the grandmother of the bride to wear well cut and tailored clothes that are custom stitched by professional tailors. Such outfits help in flatting the natural figure of the older women by highlighting their best features. 

Don’t compromise on style 
Just because a woman is ageing does not mean that she has lost the right to wear jeans and denims of skirts that have shorter hemline. When it comes to womens fashion for the races, older ladies tend to dress themselves up in manner that makes them look more mature. Compromising on style robs them of their confidence and appeal which is why elderly women should wear outfits that suit their unique style sense and make them feel comfortable. 

Avoid difficult to manage dressing accessories
From buttons to zippers on the back of a dress, mature women should try to avoid dressing accessories that are too difficult for them to manage on their own. It is better to use pull on outfits available at the Mother of Bride dresses shops that come with minimum accessories to tie it up as they provide a hassle free option for older women to move out in style. 

Opt for the layered look 
Wearing multiple layers of clothing might prove somewhat time consuming, but it definitely proves effective in keeping the older women warm and comfortable. Also the women can easily remove the layers in case they feel too warm or just want to flaunt a little more stylish self.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tips You Would Love to Have Being the Mother of the Bride or Groom

If it is your son’s or daughter’s wedding that is coming up, then there could never be a happier moment than this. And we can bet on the fact that you must have been doing a lot of planning for your child as well as yourself as soon as you have heard the news of the proposal. But among this entire super excited mode and the delightful surroundings you will have to think a lot about the number of tips that you have to take care of. Now if you think that things will be the same as your wedding then you are entirely wrong.

Tips that you need to take care of:

Pay heeds to others expectations rather than your own. This is because now, all the expectation part will be done by your son or daughter and not you. So you should let them decide what they want for their wedding rather than you deciding all of it as because that would seem very interfering. Of course, occasionally it is okay to give some tips and support the whole of their system, rather than be very probing about it. 

Do you have something of your desire that you would love to have in your child’s wedding? If that is exactly so, then you do have to pick some of them and not all and you do have to present them as a request and not an order so that it does not disrupt the original plan in anyway. Now your desired thing can include a mother son dance or an ethnic tradition that had been running in the family. 

Do not become too probing. It is for the best that you let the couple do all the various kinds of planning that they have for their wedding. If you do want to have them improvised, go in a subtle way like “here are some tips that can help you in improving the plan that you have made” rather than the “you have to do this” way. This will make sure that you have all the desired stuff that you want to have. 

Do not overdo stuff. This is one thing that you do have to maintain. It is important that you do not take up a major task as because you will not like to disappoint them and let those panics about it in the last minute in case you fail in the completion of the job. 

According to the Groom wear Melbourne, Dresses For Mother Of The Groom, it is important that you choose the right sort of outfit for yourself that is to some extent of the subtle kind. This is a good tip and it is made to measure evening wear Melbourne so that you do not outgo the outfit of the bride as that will be something inappropriate. 

So now that you know a lot about the women’s fashion wear for the races, all you have to do is to make sure that you follow the etiquette and have the correct outfit. 


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Perfect Place that Will Satisfy the Need of Yours

Style shines just because of the appropriate wardrobe. With the increase in the races for fashion, which has left many questions, one of the top most questions is what to wear for the races. This is the biggest question that has struck on the mind of every woman and man. To solve this query we have several style guides for racing fans that will help you by giving tips on fashion such as giving a perfect size idea to a perfect aged woman or man, attire that really suits you or make you feel classy and many more tips. One of the famous well –known fashion consultants is mother of the bride and groom garment in Melbourne Australia. It provides you the top most range of garment that helps you to overcome in this fashion race .All type of dresses will be available here. The top most dress which is in the fashion is measure evening wear Melbourne. 

But apart from this woman fashion races for fashion, now a days men are also becoming more style conscious. Now with the increase in the boutiques of Melbourne the search for groom attire has totally declined. Groom wear Melbourne dresses are very praised by the people because you always want the boy in the bridal party looking sharp on his wedding day. No matter what the style of your wedding you always want the guy to look perfect. So for this you can take a great range of Melbourne wedding suits.

Groom dresses and more
Here you can find a perfect wedding dress especially the groom dresses in Melbourne. You will find a large variety of boutique that work in favor of with the groom and at the same time, it will help you to make classy and gorgeous and also suits your personality. The tailors in Melbourne are much trained they can design any type of dress that you want. You can also shop men wedding and suits and groom outfit online in Melbourne. One of the best things about the boutiques of Melbourne is that there teams are available throughout the week and they are ready to help you out at any time and even at the very short notice.

Made to measure evening were Melbourne is very famous her. You will get top quality gown ranges from all sizes and with the best quality and also with the best prices. There are many stores where you can choose your evening gown such as full length gown ,tee length and course cocktail length are all specialist and with a very affordable price and perfect sizes. With a very short notice you can have a gown specially made for your next formal occasion .You can also buy it through online. Shopping for evening gown is always very easy task as there are lots of stores that are dealt with this type of garments. So whenever you need it you can easily approach to the shopkeepers at any time because they are available throughout the week.


Friday, 17 July 2015

Attires for the Mother of the Bride Couple at Wedding

A lot of joy and happiness with a bit of sorrow, a wedding ceremony takes place. Wedding is the most important and auspicious event in a person’s life. The main objective of wedding is the union of the two souls of the couple, along with uniting two families and two cultures. It is an event of unity and enjoyment for the couple but at the same time it is a tiring event for the bride’s mother. Mother of the Bride feels a bit sorrow, a bit nostalgic as this is the day when her little girl will go away from her, go away from her affection and care. But at the same time she gets happy thinking that her daughter has finally got her true love that will protect her in every situations of life and will be a lifetime companion for her lifetime. Even after reassuring herself, she still feels a bit tensed and nervous although smiling throughout the event.

Perfect attires for the mothers

Indeed, wedding is the most important event for the couple, but it is also equally important for their mothers. For the bride’s mother it is most emotional event as her daughter is the most precious one to her. Thus, it is highly important that she should look gorgeous in her daughter’s wedding. At the same time, for the groom’s mother, the emotions are also highly charged. So, mother of the groom should also look amazing at the event. But, as the passage of time, mothers become older and the age takes its toll over the body shapes, which destroys the self confidence of the mother of the bride and the groom. As they become older, they become more conscious about their body shapes and the type of dresses they wear. They tend to feel shy and awkward to wear gowns or dresses which are skin fitting.

Mother of the Bride Wear Melbourne has got the perfect solution for this major problem. The dressmakers of Melbourne has high skilled knowledge in the field of dressmaking and dealing with the psychological difficulties the mothers come across in terms of their age, especially on the day of their son’s/daughter’s wedding. The experts deal with the personal desires and dislikes of the mothers with high patience and importance as the emotional impact of the wedding of a son or a daughter is most with the mothers. Dressmakers of Melbourne ensure to make the mothers look absolutely perfect for the event.

Perfect dresses for bride and groom

Dressmakers of Melbourne not only design dresses for the mother of the groom and the bride, but also makes dresses for the bride and the groom. Bride Wear Melbourne and Groom Wear Melbourne provide a wide range of wedding dresses from which the bride and the groom can choose according to their choice of colour, size, design, etc. Dressmakers of Melbourne guarantees to make the bride and the groom look stunning at their wedding along with their mothers!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Stunning looks for Mothers and Grandmothers of the Brides and the Grooms

Wedding is an auspicious event of one’s life. It is not only the union of the souls and minds of two persons; also it unites two different families. Wedding is a symbol of union and enjoyment for the bride and the groom, whereas at the same time it signifies a tempestuous journey for the parents of the bride especially for the bride’s mother. From the birth of her daughter to her growing up, all sorts of emotions gather within the bride’s mother on the auspicious day of daughter’s life. Even the bride’s grandmother feels mostly the same as her daughter, since she performed her daughter’s marriage so she understands all the feelings of her daughter at the day of her granddaughter’s marriage.

Emotions attached with wedding

Daughters are always precious to their mothers. So on the day of her daughter’s wedding, it is necessary for a mother to look marvellous. And this work of making the bride’s mother look stunning is done by expert dressmaker who create the perfect attires for Mother of the Bride so that she can happily take part in the joy of her daughter’s special day. Most mothers are conscious about their body shape and size, as ageing hampers their figure. This mostly harms their self-confidence and their good appearance. They feel agitated by a thought of wearing a beautiful gown or a dress which may flatter their body shape and make them look disastrous. But the expert dressmakers solve all their problems. Also, the dressmakers provide amazing outfits for the Grandmother of the Bride and make her also look outstanding for the precious day of her granddaughter’s wedding.

Wide range of verities is available

Dressmakers provide a huge range of selections to choose from. Their dresses and gowns guarantee to make the bride’s mother look gorgeous at that grand event of her daughter’s life. These dressmakers with a team of dedicated experts, always listens for your personal preferences and dislikes. With their Dressmaking, they explore the radiant look of the mother of the bride from her ordinary look. They have expertise knowledge of understanding the difficulties a mother can face because of her age. So keeping these things in mind, the dressmakers provide the best quality material with sober and classy shades which would give a glamorous look to the mothers.

Mother of the groom – should look gorgeous

Along with the bride’s mother, there is dress for the Mother of the Groom also. The wedding is equally important for both the bride and the groom. Hence, the same emotions of the groom’s mother are attached with the wedding, as the emotions of the bride’s mother. Thus, it is important for the groom’s mother also to look stunning in the wedding along with complementing her son without stealing the spotlight from him. Dressmakers, provide a wide range of custom fitted designs for the groom’s mother also. They cater individual preferences with utmost care and concern since the emotional feelings attached with the wedding of a daughter or a son are mostly in within the mothers. The mothers can choose from a wide range of shades, shapes, quality, design and texture for their dress to compliment their son’s or daughter’s dress at the wedding.

Hence, wedding shopping got a much easier with the legion of designs provided by the experts for the mother of the bride or the groom or the grandmother also. The experts serve each and every details of the outfit according to personal preferences with a lot of care.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Wedding Fashion for the Mothers and the Grandmothers of the Bride and the Groom

The mother of the bride is one of the most important roles in the life of a mother. While the dress of the bride receives the utmost attention and requires careful consideration while purchasing, the dress of the mother, though commonly ignored, requires the same level of concentration. The day is just as special for the mothers as it is for the two souls getting united under the bounds of holy matrimony. It is thus indispensable for the mothers to pick out the best outfits that compliments the entire affair and makes them stand out as the proud parents of the happy couple.

For the Mother of the Bride

One of the latest wedding fashions for the mother of the bride in the market is the pairing of simple dresses for the mother of the bride with a long tailored jacket. Play on contrasting colours can help you to get the perfect attire to wow your friends. A good combination that you can go for is the combination of a soft pastel coloured dress with a bright orange organza coat. With full sleeves and a collar, the jacket lends an elegant and subtle look as a substitute for the basic and simple dress. Pair the outfit with a stone brooch and the ensemble is complete.

An alternate to the solids is the use of the prints. Prints serve dual purposes. On the one hand you have gorgeous and elegant attire that looks subtle and sober, on the other hand, prints allow you to camouflage all those problem areas that you may be a little hesitant about. Strategically placed floral or geometric prints in deeper colours of green and purple can hide all the flab or the hollows and give you a flattering silhouette, being tailored to perfection and can help you look gorgeous and feminine.

For the Mother of the Groom

The latest trend of floral prints on dresses can help the mother of the groom appear elegant and feminine. Opt for softer muted colours of gold or beige that naturally flatters the skin tone. Strategic placement of prints in green or other embellishments in floral patterns can add the hint of glam to your dress and jazzing it up a hint. Pearls are absolutely indispensible for the mother of the groom. A simple hair up do paired with a string of pearls, simple studs and nude heels can help to complete the ensemble and help you nail the wedding fashion for the mother of the groom.

For the Grandmother

Not to forget one of the most important guests in the groom’s party, the grandmother of the groom. The doting grandmother deserves the best of affection and her dress too deserves the best of the wedding styles and the design that the current trends have to offer. Combining a simple solid coloured dress in silk and a jacket with a race track hat can help the grandmother look every bit the glamorous diva she is.

With different styles to suit every personality and preference, the website offers dresses to make everyone in your wedding party look as glamorous as you. 

To learn more about Mother of the Bride, visit their website at To see actual Bride testimonial videos, visit Comotion Fashion Boutique Mother Of The Bride YouTube channel at

Monday, 4 May 2015

Wedding Fashion for the Mother and Grandmother of the Bride

The bride is always at the centre of the attention and the limelight at her wedding. It is after all her special day, the day of the union of her soul with the love of her life. A wedding is a beautiful and grave occasion, meant for the celebration of love between two individuals. However, though the focus is on the bride, the rest of the trousseau, namely the lovely ladies who have passed on their heritage to the bride, the mother of the bride and the grandmother. Even the mother of the groom and his grandmother, all these beautiful women are the ones for whom the wedding means just as much as it does to the bride and the groom.

Grandmother of the Bride

Wedding fashion for the grandmother is always a sticky pick. Whilst it is extremely difficult to shop for tailored dresses, with the body shape of grandmothers, some customized wedding dresses shops provide dresses that have been tailored to accentuate the sublime beauty of the eternal smile of the grandmothers. Some of the latest trends for the grandmothers include the use of bold colours and regal colours like solid maroon or jade or a rich shade of blue. Fabrics with sheen, like silk or satin and intricate beading can be used with a beautiful and subtle hat. Use of precious stones like emeralds and rubies in drop earrings can help to portray the gorgeous and regal appearance of the Grandmother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

The role of a lifetime, the mother of the bride needs to look her absolute best to bowl over everyone present at the wedding and yet allow her daughter to shine. Her dresses should reflect her emotions, pride and joy. Elegance is the key word in achieving the look for your daughter’s wedding. One of the most elegant and classy look is to go for muted and pastel shades. Shimmery fabric and lace is a good embellishment to amp up the look. You can opt for beautiful embellishments like delicate beading or crystals to match your daughter’s dress. Elegant shades of pink and fabrics like silk and short jackets are some of the timeless fashion objects that are absolute must haves for the mother of the bride.

If dresses are just not your style, you can also go for elegant separates. A silk blouse and a fitted skirt looks feminine and beautiful, while a dress shirt and skirt can also be a great option. Quirky jackets and prints are also options that you can choose from as the Mother of the Bride. Race track hats are indispensible part of the ensemble and add a hint of fun to the attire. Choose soft and muted colours or go monotone for a dramatic impact. Make your wedding glorious. Want to find the best Dressmakers in South Yarra. Our experienced, expert dressmakers have many years of experience in catering for your every whim

With a host of Fashion Consultants in Melbourne, you can get the perfect fit with the dress of your dreams. Tailored and customized to suit personal needs, this is a one stop shop for all your requirements during the wedding of your son or daughter.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Entice Yourself with the Best Fabric and Laces on Your Child’s Special Day

For a mother her children are the most precious possession that she care’s the most in the whole wide world and above everything. She brings up them up and for her every other day in her child’s life is equally special for her. And most importantly is the day when they get married with the love of their life. This special day in your child’s life should not only be rejoiced by them but also by you too. You should look your best in the finest of fabrics and some breathtaking designs. So, for your convenience we will take you to a tour of some of the best designer stores for both the Mother of the Bride and Groom in South Yarra, Melbourne.

If you are a resident of Melbourne and if your son or daughter is getting married very soon then you should definitely opt for the Mother of the Bride South Yarra shops. The shop specially specializes in the dresses made for a bride’s mother, groom’s mother and even their grandmothers and aunts. They make dresses based on an individual’s choice of dressing and size. You can choose from the various design samples available with these stores. If you have a special collar requirement they will cater to it for you.

The Mother of the Groom South Yarra shops and boutiques has their specialized designer who will attend to your needs. The popular dress varieties that they are famous for are the, stand-up collars, Thai silk pants, See-through dresses, different kinds of Indo-western jackets, long maxi yet fitted dresses, Oraganza jackets paired with something you like and many more. Just mention your preference and they will design it for you. The designers that the stores have are one of the best Fashion Consultants in Melbourne.

If you have fetish for hats and want to adorn one on your child’s D-Day then the South Yarra shops for the mother of the bride and groom are at your service. They have some of the best collection among hats and will even customize according to the look and type of your head and face.

Just because you are a mother doesn’t means that you are not supposed to look drop dead gorgeous. So, if you are awaiting the wedding of your child and want to look beautiful then rush to these shops today!