Saturday, 16 May 2015

Wedding Fashion for the Mothers and the Grandmothers of the Bride and the Groom

The mother of the bride is one of the most important roles in the life of a mother. While the dress of the bride receives the utmost attention and requires careful consideration while purchasing, the dress of the mother, though commonly ignored, requires the same level of concentration. The day is just as special for the mothers as it is for the two souls getting united under the bounds of holy matrimony. It is thus indispensable for the mothers to pick out the best outfits that compliments the entire affair and makes them stand out as the proud parents of the happy couple.

For the Mother of the Bride

One of the latest wedding fashions for the mother of the bride in the market is the pairing of simple dresses for the mother of the bride with a long tailored jacket. Play on contrasting colours can help you to get the perfect attire to wow your friends. A good combination that you can go for is the combination of a soft pastel coloured dress with a bright orange organza coat. With full sleeves and a collar, the jacket lends an elegant and subtle look as a substitute for the basic and simple dress. Pair the outfit with a stone brooch and the ensemble is complete.

An alternate to the solids is the use of the prints. Prints serve dual purposes. On the one hand you have gorgeous and elegant attire that looks subtle and sober, on the other hand, prints allow you to camouflage all those problem areas that you may be a little hesitant about. Strategically placed floral or geometric prints in deeper colours of green and purple can hide all the flab or the hollows and give you a flattering silhouette, being tailored to perfection and can help you look gorgeous and feminine.

For the Mother of the Groom

The latest trend of floral prints on dresses can help the mother of the groom appear elegant and feminine. Opt for softer muted colours of gold or beige that naturally flatters the skin tone. Strategic placement of prints in green or other embellishments in floral patterns can add the hint of glam to your dress and jazzing it up a hint. Pearls are absolutely indispensible for the mother of the groom. A simple hair up do paired with a string of pearls, simple studs and nude heels can help to complete the ensemble and help you nail the wedding fashion for the mother of the groom.

For the Grandmother

Not to forget one of the most important guests in the groom’s party, the grandmother of the groom. The doting grandmother deserves the best of affection and her dress too deserves the best of the wedding styles and the design that the current trends have to offer. Combining a simple solid coloured dress in silk and a jacket with a race track hat can help the grandmother look every bit the glamorous diva she is.

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Wedding Fashion for the Mother and Grandmother of the Bride

The bride is always at the centre of the attention and the limelight at her wedding. It is after all her special day, the day of the union of her soul with the love of her life. A wedding is a beautiful and grave occasion, meant for the celebration of love between two individuals. However, though the focus is on the bride, the rest of the trousseau, namely the lovely ladies who have passed on their heritage to the bride, the mother of the bride and the grandmother. Even the mother of the groom and his grandmother, all these beautiful women are the ones for whom the wedding means just as much as it does to the bride and the groom.

Grandmother of the Bride

Wedding fashion for the grandmother is always a sticky pick. Whilst it is extremely difficult to shop for tailored dresses, with the body shape of grandmothers, some customized wedding dresses shops provide dresses that have been tailored to accentuate the sublime beauty of the eternal smile of the grandmothers. Some of the latest trends for the grandmothers include the use of bold colours and regal colours like solid maroon or jade or a rich shade of blue. Fabrics with sheen, like silk or satin and intricate beading can be used with a beautiful and subtle hat. Use of precious stones like emeralds and rubies in drop earrings can help to portray the gorgeous and regal appearance of the Grandmother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

The role of a lifetime, the mother of the bride needs to look her absolute best to bowl over everyone present at the wedding and yet allow her daughter to shine. Her dresses should reflect her emotions, pride and joy. Elegance is the key word in achieving the look for your daughter’s wedding. One of the most elegant and classy look is to go for muted and pastel shades. Shimmery fabric and lace is a good embellishment to amp up the look. You can opt for beautiful embellishments like delicate beading or crystals to match your daughter’s dress. Elegant shades of pink and fabrics like silk and short jackets are some of the timeless fashion objects that are absolute must haves for the mother of the bride.

If dresses are just not your style, you can also go for elegant separates. A silk blouse and a fitted skirt looks feminine and beautiful, while a dress shirt and skirt can also be a great option. Quirky jackets and prints are also options that you can choose from as the Mother of the Bride. Race track hats are indispensible part of the ensemble and add a hint of fun to the attire. Choose soft and muted colours or go monotone for a dramatic impact. Make your wedding glorious. Want to find the best Dressmakers in South Yarra. Our experienced, expert dressmakers have many years of experience in catering for your every whim

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