Mother of the Bride & Groom Wedding Dresses attire – Style Guide

Wedding look of Mother of the Bride remains incomplete when she is not accompanied by her Mother of the Groom on her special day in some exclusively designed Mother of the Bride dress. You will find almost all mothers of the brides prefer to go with such attire which makes them feel comfortable besides looking stylish and trendy on the eve of their daughter's wedding. The role of a mother on the wedding day is very important and so need to take special care just like her daughter to pick the right Mother of the bride attire for her.
Finding that perfect look for bride's mother is very important!  It should be kept in top priority keeping behind the attires of bridesmaids.  Now the question which comes to the discussion is that what and what not the mother of the bride should choose to wear? To start with you need to decide the theme or style of the wedding ceremony and then decide the attire having compatibility with the theme.

Latest Ongoing Trends for the Attire of Mother of Bride:
When checking out the attire of Brides Mother there is some available options:  
     Long gowns
     Two-piece jacket with short dress
     Mermaid Dress
     A Line Dress
     Ball Gown
     Empire Dress
The above patterns are currently in trend with use of different varieties of fabrics, Beads, styles, colors and necklines.
Choosing the right color for the attire:
While choosing the Dresses Mother of the Bride you will surely be looking for the tips for deciding the color to wear. You will get to see that in maximum of the cases the bride's mother asks her what color will  this mother of the bride will wear? We understand the choosing the right color is just not difficult but scary too. There are certain key points which you need to take into consideration while making the color choice.
     The time of Wedding
     The season of wedding
     Theme of the wedding
     The presentation of Dress color in wedding Pics
     Bridesmaids dress colors
     Accessories to add on

But are you sure that the color choice you made for the day is just perfect for the Mother of the Bride?
Check out the below tips to make best color selection:
     Monotone or Matching Color: To be on the safer side and to maintain coordination with the rest important members of the wedding and theme go with same color as other just with a shade difference. If the bridesmaid is in pale yellow dress, Mother of bride can go with a sunflower yellow shade.
     Contrasting color: This can also be a great choice to go with by making a color choice which just opposite to that of the color selected for the attire of the bridesmaid. In the wedding clicks both the Mother of the Bride and the Bridesmaids will get highlighted and will give a dignified appearance in the wedding ceremony.
     Color Tone: The Mother of the Bride can also pick a color which lies in similar color palette matching with the bridesmaid's dresses. If the theme of the wedding is based on season then such color combination will represent the different aspects of the season in a colorful and soulful manner.  No doubt in the fact that both mother and Bridesmaids will give a flawless look on the wedding day.   The Bridesmaids can go with pastel blue while the mother can pick light shade yellow.
     Pattern based color:  Wedding can be symbolized with the combinations of multi colors and if the mother picks a pattern based color combination which represents almost all colors which stands for a wedding impression then that will look perfect and go well along with the dress of the bride to be.
     Stay Neutral:  Picking a neutral color will be the best choice to play safe. Select any shade of a color of your choice which is not too dark and not too soft but comes with a medium tone and gives a uniform look to the attire of the Mother of Bride.
     Black or even white: These 2 are such colors which can make any lady look perfectly gorgeous be it in any occasion. Any shade of these colors can make the attire of the mother perfect for the day.

There are many website which offers exclusively designed attire for the Mother of the bride, but if you are looking for customized attire for your mother on your wedding day then get in touch with some of the reputed Fashion Consultants Melbourne for preparing a dress which is just made for her. Searching online will give you the scope to know about the leading consultants of the industry.



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